Most reps can sell. The real pros influence buying.

Sales training can achieve many goals. Persuasive ability just isn’t one of them.


Pick a Persuasion Infusion

The 7 Triggers persuasion formula has been a selling game-changer for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and global leaders like Morgan Stanley, Lucent Technologies, and Amgen Pharmaceutical. Here are the most common ways to onboard the power of persuasion.  Contact us to discuss your team.




The Tools of Influence
This is the raw material of the Triggers formula; its neuroscience background, along with strategic and tactical application for more persuasive customer engagement. How to diagnose marketing & sales messages for persuasive content, and how to craft communications that activate emotional triggers.

Ideal Audience: Brand Strategists, Marketing Executives, Copy Writers, Trainers, Sales Managers, Account Executives, Senior Field Reps.

Objectives & Outcomes: Use and apply neuroscience-based emotional triggers to design persuasive communications for leadership, marketing, and sales.




Emotional Momentum Selling
In contrast to most selling models, which are are engineered to classify customer movement along a funnel or lifecycle defined by the seller, EMS derives its timeline from the mind of the buyer – the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that lead to buying decisions. EMS can be a standalone model, or aligned with an established one.

Ideal Audience: Sales Managers, Account Executives, Field Reps.

Objectives & Outcomes: Conduct sales with greater speed and success using communication that moves the mind of the buyer from consideration to decision.




Sync with Your Sales Model
Any sales process can become an influencing process by amplifying points along the timeline with persuasive communication. Traditional sales models typically contain hidden triggers which can be revealed in process steps and practice examples, while more persuasive ones can be appended for greater flexibility and impact.

Ideal Audience: Sales Managers, Account Executives, Field Reps.

Objectives & Outcomes: Energize a familiar sales process with greater influence and persuasive impact for greater speed and success moving the mind of the customer from consideration to buying decision

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Sell the Heart and the Mind Will Follow.


Move the Mind of the Buyer





EMS timelines the selling process like conventional models, but instead of basing progress on seller-defined measures of customer interest or action, it’s based on the buyer’s neuro-engagement path.

Developed in partnership with members of the Neuroleadership Institute, EMS is rooted in the neuroscience of persuasion, and provides a reliable, predictable, proven way for salespeople to create the ideal conditions for yes decisions.

Energize your sales team with practical tools for persuasive communication.




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Based on the Book That Changed Everything.



Using the formula developed in Russ Granger’s critically-acclaimed book, certified 7 Triggers training focuses on tactical application by using actual brand messaging and real-world customer challenges.*




It’s About Results.

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Sales Pros Weigh In

Actual comments from interviews 4-6 months following 7 Triggers implementation.

rep-comment-icon“It’s so simple that it’s brilliant. It gets the conversation going because I’m getting that emotional currency that I know is important, and it’s not just some standard sales process question.”

rep-comment-icon“The Triggers approach makes customers feel more relaxed and conversational. You get the material you want or the information you need without being pushy, or walking away feeling like you didn’t accomplish anything.”

rep-comment-icon“I’ve been pretty successful, and people often ask me, ‘why is that?’ And I couldn’t really say. But after The 7 Triggers workshop, I could give a better explanation: Because I’ve used these Triggers consistently throughout my career.”

rep-comment-icon“Triggers is really a great tool to sell and accomplish your objectives out in the field. From an organizational standpoint, it’s a big success.”







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