Spark. Shift. Drive!

How to Fast Track Static Accounts

Those immovable customers: The fence-sitter. The dabbler. The don’t-rock-the-boater. You know them all. Get ‘em in gear with practical, proven tools & techniques.


“Framework and focus on how to move an account was invaluable.”

– Sr. Care Manager, Fortune 500 Pharma



A One-Day Workshop. A World of Opportunity.

With optional micro-learning follow-up for coaching & reinforcement.

Every successful company has them: accounts with potential, but where conversations are stagnant, stilted, or non-existent. And where momentum has slowed to a crawl. Let’s solve that.

Spark. Shift. Drive!

A proven program for account revitalization using the neuroscience of influence & persuasion.

Exclusively for account managers and seasoned reps: an intensive, practical program to break the logjam of the status quo.

  • Synchronizes with your selling model
  • Level-set for senior mangers & seasoned reps
  • Custom targeted for your products & markets
  • Facilitated by neuroscience and/or life science specialists
  • Optional device-delivered micro-learning follow-on support



“This is the way to restart the interaction and engage right out-of-the-gate.”

“Very practical. Great pace and energy. Got mastery of the material.”


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Spark. Shift. Drive!

Curriculum Overview



Practical insights, solutions & tools to break the status-quo logjam and re-energize, re-animate, and resuscitate underperforming accounts.


Online pre-work followed by a one-day workshop featuring interactive, experiential activities plus collaborative discussions covering key principles, techniques, and behaviors of Emotional Momentum Selling, a three-step persuasion process to activate account momentum.


Reinforcement and coaching guides to extend learning and strengthen behavior change. Optional micro-learning follow-on programming featuring weekly videos, action tasks & challenges.


Learning Objective #1: Develop strategic account objectives and tactics for using persuasion science to increase account diversity and potential.

Learning Objective #2: Conceive, compose, and deliver powerful questions to capture, engage, and persuade client accounts.


  1. Neuroscience Matters: from Routine to Spark
  2. Minimize Threat, Maximize Reward
  3. The Power of the Persuasive Question
  4. Active Account Goals
  5. Two Persuasive Question Types
  6. Reset • Trust-Builders • Dot-Connectors
  7. Case Studies Activity
  8. Action Plan & Follow-Up




Revive the Idle Account uses an integrated mix of proven skills, techniques, and tools organized around the framework of The 7 Triggers to Yes, the world’s most practical formula for using the neuroscience of influence and persuasion.




 Trigger Training Project Plan

  1. Brief discovery to tag challenges & goals
  2. Custom focus on products & markets
  3. Online pre-work to level-set Trigger basics
  4. Certified trainer with industry expertise
  5. Participant workbook with Trigger Tools
  6. Manager’s Playbook coaching guidelines
  7. Optional micro-learning follow-on





Let’s get started!




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