Rocket the Account Crew

Getting Results Without Authority

Using the neuroscience of influence & persuasion


“Direct, practical approach to problem solving for internal account relationships.”

– Account Manager, Fortune 500 Pharma




Managing Mission Control

Great salespeople become great team leaders by redirecting customer skills.

Influencing without authority means everyone is a customer. Simple, right? In practice, that’s harder than it sounds.

It’s always a struggle to teach old dogs new tricks. But you know what works? Combining familiar best practices with solid new insights and focusing them in new directions.

Rocket the Account Crew is an intensive, practical program that uses the neuroscience of influence & persuasion to build effective solutions for stubborn systemic problems, including:

  • The field rep with different or even conflicting account goals
  • The marketing manager who always has a job ahead of yours
  • The client advocate who doesn’t want to rock the boat
  • The gatekeeper with more excuses than keys
  • The product manager pressuring for new applications

Even those familiar with persuasion techniques need practical methods to apply these tools to specific challenges and opportunities. And the results can be game changing.




“Excellent. Walked away with tangible skills – and the ability to apply them right away.”

– Managed Care Executive, 2016

“Engaging, practical new approach for the Triggers. Loved the application. Thank you.”

– Pharma Account Manager, 2016


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Curriculum Overview



New and highly targeted ways to engage, influence, and motivate key colleagues and associates across teams in order to leverage overall account success.


Online pre-work followed by a one-day workshop featuring interactive, experiential activities plus collaborative discussions covering key principles, techniques, and behaviors to help account leaders fuel relationship and coalition building for greater account momentum.


Reinforcement and coaching guides to extend learning and strengthen behavior change. Optional micro-learning follow-on programming featuring weekly videos, action tasks & challenges.


Learning Objective 1: Apply the neuroscience of persuasive communication to strategize, implement, and activate better account coordination and momentum.

Learning Objective 2: Diagnose and persuade account team members to align with leadership objectives, and influence collaborative outcomes – even without formal authority.


  1. Neuroscience Matters
  2. Be the Change: Contagious Intent
  3. Triggers, Impact, and Results
  4. Setting Account Coalition Goals
  5. Nourish Potential
  6. The Whole Brain Map Tool for Communication Design
  7. Inquiry for Influence
  8. Case Study Account Crew
  9. Individual Action Planning



Rocket the Account Crew uses an integrated mix of proven skills, techniques, and tools organized around the framework of The 7 Triggers to Yes, the world’s most practical formula for using the neuroscience of influence and persuasion.




 Trigger Training Project Plan

  1. Brief discovery to tag challenges & goals
  2. Custom focus on products & markets
  3. Online pre-work to level-set Trigger basics
  4. Certified trainer with industry expertise
  5. Participant workbook with Trigger Tools
  6. Manager’s Playbook coaching guidelines
  7. Optional micro-learning follow-on





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Contact Kelli Glover, Sr. Account Director at Rising Tide Partners | 855-242-6300 ext. 706


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