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7-Triggers-People7 Triggers graduates are accelerating sales, forging stronger agreements, improving cooperation, increasing productivity and achieving greater success. Following is a select sampling of the comments we continually receive about the remarkable impact of The 7 Triggers.

The 7 Triggers to Yes fortifies every other business development program out there because it’s not about how we sell, but about how others decide to buy.”

Jim Smith, Sr. Sales Vice President
AbbVie Pharmaceutical


“The 7 Triggers helped us sell our biggest account ever. Within weeks after completing the 7 Triggers course and putting its techniques to use, we secured the largest single account transaction in the company’s 100 year history. The 7 Triggers has taken hold here like the Frisbee and the Hula Hoop.”

Ernie Weeks, VP Sales
Utica National Insurance Companies



“During my ten years in the industry I have taken numerous continuing education and professional development programs. I can say without hesitation that the 7 Triggers process is the first to generate excitement and enthusiasm throughout the entire learning process. I am getting substantial benefit from the system’s implementation steps. The knowledge and learning is amazing. The 7 Triggers concept is the first of its kind and I believe it will play an integral role in helping to grow my business.”

James A. Malena, Certified Financial Planner
Morgan Stanley


“By applying the principles and system Granger provides, businesses and organizations can run more effectively and more efficiently. With willing compliance, the seven triggers will help people get things done more quickly, more easily and with better results.”

Michael J. Iandolo, President and General Manager
Lucent Technologies Mobility Solutions


“This is not the same old information repackaged. The 7 Triggers to Yes, by Russell Granger, is the first program to detail the scientific evidence that demonstrates a new understanding of the role the brain and emotions play in conscious evaluations. Granger describes seven emotional triggers you should identify to help others quickly reach a shared conclusion. He describes how to activate these triggers and persuade without force or negotiations.

Melissa F. Thompson
Training Magazine


“A fascinating window into how we really influence other’s decisions and behaviors. Armed with this new scientific knowledge anyone can become a more effective leader and manager by efficiently producing results through others.”

Donald F. Donahue, President
National Securities Clearing Corporation
President, The Depository Trust Corporation



“Brain imaging now offers concrete evidence. Using the latest technological data, Granger gives the complex art of persuasion the ease of paint-by-numbers clarity and a process for success.”

Leslie Schweitzer Miller, M.D.
New York University School of Medicine
New York University Psychoanalytic Institute


“Recent advances in brain imaging research provide a much clearer picture of what actually motivates an individual’s actions. Granger has transformed this research into a readily understandable and workable program that enables the reader to apply that information to his or her chosen career and produce desired results when interacting with others. Regardless of your organizational role or position, when you need to persuade, The 7 Triggers to YES shows you how in a new and highly effective way.”

Robert H. Miller, Former Board Member
Bristol Myers Squibb


“Bravo! I couldn’t put it down. As a technically trained MBA, I made business presentations for years using logic, reason and a wealth of data. I now see there is a more effective and much more efficient way to persuade and influence others. I’m giving a copy to my architect son, who like all of us, needs to persuade successfully.”

Josiah Stevenson, Director of Development
Dartmouth College


“A fascinating, step-by-step guide to success in the 21st century, The 7 Triggers to Yes belongs on the list of every executive.”

Richard Lalich, Sr. Vice President & Executive Editor
Business Briefings
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