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“One of the 10 best business books published in the past 10 years.”

“I have read thousands of business books, and summarized about 500 of them. In my opinion, The 7 Triggers to Yes is one of the 10 best business books published in the past 10 years. It distills the latest research on brain imaging into practical, easy-to-apply advice for influencing people by understanding their emotional triggers. A fascinating, step-by-step guide to success in the 21st century, The 7 Triggers to Yes belongs on the list of every executive.”

– Richard Lalich, Sr. Vice President & Executive Editor, Business Briefings

International-7-Triggers-BooksReviews of  The 7 Triggers to Yes highlight how science and theory are transformed into practical techniques and useful tools.

Emotional triggers are a hot topic among scientists, psychologists, marketers, and political strategists. The guidelines, techniques and tools for how to apply this new knowledge in everyday business and life is what distinguishes this volume from others on the topic. Now translated into over dozen languages, The 7 Triggers to Yes is  creating success for multitudes round the world.

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“Helps grow new assets, enhance current business and open new accounts.”

“The 7 Triggers to Yes showed me a much better, much easier way to get positive results. Every meeting is now planned around the Triggers. This program helps grow new assets, enhance current business and open new accounts. The 7 Triggers works – it’s working for me, and for our team.”

– Thomas E. Hill, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley