How to Find, Fix, or Formulate Your Most Persuasive Marketing & Selling Messages.

The 7 Triggers to Yes: The World’s Most Practical Persuasion Formula

Your don’t have to be a neuroscientist  to make the biology of the brain work wonders for your business. Get the game-changing template being used at Fortune 500 firms like Amgen, Morgan Stanley, and Lucent.

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Powerfully persuasive customer connections – every time.

If you’re a business builder, corporate leader, marketer or salesperson, your ability to persuade is absolutely central to your success.


Fact is, most of us don’t know if we’re being persuasive or not. We try this, we try that. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. To make matters worse, much of what most people believe about what is actually persuasive is wrong.


When The 7 Triggers to Yes was published to critical acclaim in 2008, it was the first book to organize new scientific insights about human decision-making into a practical formula that busy businesspeople could actually use to strengthen leadership, foster teamwork, improve marketing, and increase sales.

Since then dozens of books, hundreds of training programs, and thousands of articles about the emotional brain in business have exploded onto the market.


Because the science of emotional triggers really works.


is unlike any other training you’ve ever had. It’s not about selling or management or personal productivity; it’s not even about communication in the traditional sense. It’s about how people make decisions – and how to influence those decisions.

Learn how to use The 7 Triggers formula and immediately start to –

 Connect faster and more deeply with colleagues, clients and customers
 Activate your customers’ emotional brain to avoid laborious logical analysis;
 Choose the messages most likely to result in YES decisions;
 Plan and analyze persuasion strategies that actually work;
 Win with a practical formula to get more YES in your life.

Reviews from sales pros in healthcare, tech, engineering, and financial services.

“The 7 Triggers to Yes trumps every other business development program out there because it’s not about how we sell, but about how others decide to buy.”

-Jim Smith, Sr. Sales VP, AbbVie

“The 7 Triggers helped us sell our biggest account ever. Within weeks after completing the 7 Triggers course and putting its techniques to use, we secured the largest single account transaction in the company’s 100 year history."

-Ernie Weeks, VP Sales, Utica National

“It’s so simple that it’s brilliant. It gets the conversation going because I’m getting that emotional currency that I know is important, and it’s not just some standard sales process question.”

-Stan Bastian, Sales VP, Raptor

“Triggers is really a great tool to sell and accomplish your objectives out in the field. From an organizational standpoint, it’s a big success.”

-Josh Allen, Sales Director, Pharma Group

“The Triggers approach makes customers feel more relaxed and conversational. You get the material you want or the information you need without being pushy, or walking away feeling like you didn’t accomplish anything.”

“A fascinating window into how we really influence other’s decisions and behaviors."

"As a trained MBA, I made business presentations for years using logic, reason and data. I now see there is a more effective and much more efficient way to persuade and influence others."

“A fascinating, step-by-step guide to success in the 21st century, The 7 Triggers to Yes belongs on the list of every executive.”

"Every meeting is now planned around the 7 Triggers. This program has helped grow new assets, enhance current business and open new accounts."

“Outstanding! After 44 years of persuading with reason and logic, The 7 Triggers to Yes showed me a much better, easier way to get positive results."

"The 7 Triggers program is excellent - it’s working for me, for our team, and I heartily recommend it. This works!”

"Distills the latest research on brain imaging into practical, easy-to-apply advice for influencing people by understanding their emotional triggers."

“People often ask me why I've been so successful, and I couldn’t really say. But after The 7 Triggers workshop, I could give a better explanation: Because I’ve used these Triggers consistently throughout my career.”

“Our reps felt the training will result in substantial increases in premium revenue and create better customer relationships. A great program.”

"Very practical, real-world application to my field sales force. The benefit has been to re-focus our selling efforts to what is really important.”

“A fresh insight to sales to sales and building relationships. Very real-world. Simply put, this is how we make decisions.”

“An outstanding development in persuasional sales, plus an excellent daily reference in helping me achieve greater heights."

"Excellent, very insightful new perspective on connecting with my customers – the course provides more and different strategies for achieving greater sales.”

“This is as real as it gets. We were able to use an opportunity that we are currently going through and put steps / triggers together to make it successful.”

“This program applies to every single day of my life – every time I pick up the phone and every visit I go out on. The 7 Triggers will help take me to the next level. I now have something not many others have.”



Thursday, December 10th
9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
530 7th Ave. M1 fl., New York, NY 10018

Investment: $695.00*


*Top corporations are paying between $1,600 and $2,250 per participant for on-site certified 7 Triggers training. This initial public session pricing may not last, so register now.


Based on the Book That Changed Everything.



Using the formula developed in Russ Granger’s critically-acclaimed book, certified 7 Triggers training focuses on tactical application by using actual brand messaging and real-world customer challenges.*

* Program participants will be asked to complete a brief, online pre-work segment that specifies the features and benefits of their particular products and value proposition. Session time is spent crafting “triggerized” messages that can be put to use immediately in the field.

If you’re using only logic, reason, and intelligence, you’re missing the boat on what really influences people.


The intellect has been the focus of psychology and education since the time of Aristotle. Only now in the 21st century has neuroscience revealed the enormous importance of the emotional brain, and our dependence on it even for seemingly rational mental tasks – tasks like



The brain has an internal self-guidance system triggered primarily by feelings and emotions – not by facts or logic.

Understand what these triggers are, why they work, and how to activate them in others, and become a genuine influencer. A catalyst. A game changer.

How will you wield your influence?

This first-ever public session of  The 7 Triggers to Yes training is expected to fill up fast – register now to reserve your place.


Thursday, December 10th
9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
530 7th Ave. M1 fl., New York, NY 10018

Investment: $695.00*


*Top corporations are paying between $1,600 and $2,250 per participant for on-site certified 7 Triggers training. This initial public session pricing may not last, so register now.


Close the Loop.

Focus on customer decisions and get the other half of the selling equation. Sales training is the what. 7 Triggers training is the how.

flat sales process





Sales training is about process.










7 Triggers training is about people.






Sell the HEART and the MIND will follow.

We know from neuroscience that customer reactions, perceptions, and decisions about offers, promotions, and presentations are driven by emotions which become rationalized with logic and data after-the-fact. Business professionals who know how to leverage this knowledge in their messaging and communications are:


  • More Persuasive

  • More Polished

  • More Preferred

  • More Productive

  • More Profitable

Trigger Your Way to the Top.

Individuals and organizations from across the industry spectrum are seeing tremendous results using The 7 Triggers to Yes. You can, too.

Don’t miss your chance to get the insights and tools that top corporations have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for.


Thursday, December 10th

9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
530 7th Ave. M1 fl., New York, NY 10018

Investment: $695.00