Development and Marketing Alliances

7 Triggers Licensing & Customization to Help You and Your People Profit


A number of industries are already experiencing remarkable success with the 7 Triggers programs, because the principles and tools apply equally to any business. But learning and application are faster and easier when the programs are customized for the unique needs and challenges of specific industries, practices, and companies.

ProEd Corporation is the company behind the 7 Triggers programs, an organization with over 25 years experience in developing and deploying effective, results-oriented corporate training. With clients like American Express, Bayer Pharmaceutical, AT&T, Samsung, Sony, and Prudential, you can be sure that ProEd is focused on product quality, business integrity, and client ROI.

Are you a potential ProEd partner?

The business model for 7 Triggers is to empower industry advocates to bring this powerful new science-based methodology to companies and end-users with a simple licensing arrangement. Whether your expertise is in training or sales or marketing, ProEd can provide as much support and assistance as you may need.

Corporate Delivery
Based on our extensive experience with program customization, we can streamline the collaboration process of combining the 7 Triggers techniques with an industry orientation, a particular job focus, and even specific company practices and policies.

As the industry-specific SME (subject matter expert), your expertise will drive the strategy, and we’ll bring our tried-and-true tactics for content integration, efficient production, as well as marketing and corporate communications.

Industry & End-User Markets
In addition to workshop programs designed for corporate implementation, the 7 Triggers e-learning course is ideal for many direct-to-end-user markets. ProEd has designed a comprehensive turn-key “tackle box” for joint ventures geared to specific business categories.

The 7 Triggers JV Tackle Box includes:

  • Fully customized e-learning modules
  • Industry partition in the online LMS (learning management system)
  • Custom fields and content in the 7 Triggers Action Plan / YesMaker app
  • Fully-branded, CMS (content management system) web site template for marketing and sales
  • Franchise-style services for marketing, advertising, and technical support

Please contact us about a ProEd partnership of any kind. We’d be delighted to talk.