Small Business

7 Triggers: Small Business Edition

A Business Development System for Rapid Growth and Profit

Business winners persuade others to do what they need done.

Who do you need to persuade in order to succeed?

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We can effectively influence other people’s decisions only when we understand how people really make decisions. Based on the exciting new science of live brain imaging, we know, for the first time, how the brain actually processes decision requests.

The Small Business Edition takes the principles, techniques, and tools of the 7 Triggers and applies them directly to the business owner, entrepreneur, or professional practice. Special content has been added to help the small or mid-size business incorporate the 7 Triggers into every aspect of the enterprise; to get commitment, agreement and results from prospects, clients, vendors, employees, partners, and anyone with whom you do business.

The scientific research underlying this powerful program has precipitated the recent inclusion of persuasion training in virtually every graduate business school and MBA curriculum. And when it comes to producing learning materials really work – accelerated, intensive, and immediately applicable to real-world situations – we have over 20 years experience developing effective training for global brands, main street businesses, and ambitious individuals alike.


The 7 Triggers to Yes: Small Business Edition is available as self-paced e-learning, offering users a convenient way to absorb critical skills and methods without sacrificing days away from work.

Designed especially for business owners, entrepreneurs, and practice professionals, this special edition of the 7 Triggers program offers a comprehensive business development system powered by the 7 Triggers.

When added to the rocket fuel that is the 7 Triggers, business professionals attain the ability to take over the market with unprecedented confidence and unparalleled results.

A full two years in development by instructional designers, industry leaders, and business owners with ambitions to succeed, the material has been crafted into an effective e-learning program that can be completed quickly and easily. And with the addition of the YesMaker Action Plan, applying the skills and techniques to everyday account activities becomes second-nature. This exciting new system will increase profitable results for all types of businesses.

Online delivery is fast, easy, and available from anywhere.

Purchase of the 7 Triggers Small Business Edition gives users full access to the Personal Achievement Center: a combination library, laboratory, workshop and tool shed that will put you on the road to success with vendors, colleagues and customers. All of the features available at, from e-learning courses and tools to user communities and resources, are available 24/7 from home, from work, from school; on the desktop, laptop, or browser-enabled mobile device.
The 7 Triggers online courses and tools are full of unique opportunities:

  • Free, automatic updates of program content and features.
  • Post questions and comments to 7 Triggers program designers.
  • Forum area for communicating with other program participants.
  • First-user access to new materials and tools.
  • No installations, no downloads; no fuss, no muss.
  • Access from anywhere, anytime, for one full year.