7 Triggers: Smarter Selling Edition

Available Course Formats: E-Learning; On-site or Off-site Workshops

We can effectively influence other people’s decisions only when we understand how people really make decisions. Based on the exciting new science of live brain imaging, we know, for the first time, how the brain actually processes decision requests.

7 Triggers Smarter Selling: a breakthrough persuasion program enabling salespeople to quickly accomplish yes decisions; to get commitment, agreement, and results from prospects and clients.

The scientific research underlying this powerful program has precipitated the recent inclusion of persuasion training in virtually every graduate business school and MBA curriculum. And when it comes to producing learning materials really work – accelerated, intensive, and immediately applicable to real-world situations – we have over 20 years experience developing effective training for global brands, main street businesses, and ambitious individuals alike.

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[jaccordion theme="cupertino"]INTRODUCTION::Persuasion is arguably the single most important sales tool, yet few understand persuasion or use it effectively. In this unit, sales reps will:

  • Define and record their CPO – Current Persuasion Opportunity.
  • Discover the benefits of skilled persuasion.
  • Gain an understanding of the brain’s decision making process.
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[jaccordion theme="cupertino"]THE AWESOME POWER OF PERSUASION :: Persuaders rule.  They always have.  They always will.  Salespeople, leaders, advertisers, marketers—all of us—have been using hit or miss emotional appeals for years.  But hit or miss, trial and error approaches to activating emotional triggers are ineffective and inefficient.  The 7 Triggers to YES makes your  sales staff consciously competent with new scientifically documented data on how the brain processes decision making information.  Applying new scientific discoveries, we can now successfully lead others to a shared conclusion.  This unit explores:

  • The process of persuasion for leading others to a shared solution and desired action, a closed sale.
  • Analytical vs Emotional Decisions.
  • The twin horses of the mind: reason and emotion.
  • How to work with people rather than against them.
  • The building blocks of sales persuasion.
  • How to effectively influence others’ decisions by understanding how they process decision-making information.
  • Triggers, the decision shortcuts that help us make quick, correct decisions.
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[jaccordion theme="cupertino"]THE TRIGGER CONCEPT :: We finally know definitively that the brain is hard-wired to take mental shortcuts whenever we make decisions.  Internal mechanisms—triggers—help us quickly assimilate information and take the right next step.  Those who understand how triggers work have enormous power to help others make easy, quick decisions.  In each of these 7 critical trigger units, sales reps will learn:

  • What triggers we each universally employ to shortcut the decision process.
  • How to evaluate potential triggers for each situation.
  • How to apply each trigger.
  • The most important elements of each trigger.
  • How to help others quickly make buying decisions that are right for them.
  • To apply elements of each trigger to their CPO.
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{slide=THE 7 TRIGGERS}

The Friendship Trigger

Trust, friendship and common bonds are a key trigger.  This trigger forms the basis for other triggers to be effective.  The many key facets to this trigger are explored.  This is bedrock information for sales success.

The Authority Trigger
By effectively showing credibility, knowledge, and authority, you reduce the risk inherent in most decisions.  Like Friendship, the Authority Trigger is a critical stand-alone trigger as well as a precursor for other triggers to be activated.

The Consistency Trigger
We are slaves to consistency.  The brain maintains a database of prior actions and feelings.  The newly discovered chemical and biological brain flows urge   us to be consistent with this mental archive.  When we learn what others are consistent with, we can frame our request accordingly.

The Reciprocity Trigger
This is the well documented, universal psychological requirement for quid pro quo.  Every human society employs this trigger, and scientists now believe society as we know it exists principally because of this powerful internal trigger.

The Contrast Trigger
In the real world of the brain, objective values simply don’t matter—perceptions rule.  Perceptions are based on “where we were – where we are now,” which scientists call the “adaptation level.”  Setting the right adaptation level, and the specific order in which we present  sales options and choices, creates the right perceptions to activate this trigger.

The Reason Why Trigger
Scientific studies create and validate the Reason Why Trigger.  Ask without a reason, get turned down.  Provide a reason for acting, and you persuade compliance.  Why?  Because a specific emotional element in the brain accepts what it considers to be a valid reason and acts immediately rather than sending the reason, and the request, to the thinking part of the brain.

The Hope Trigger
Hope is the strongest motivator of all human activity.  We hope for happiness, for what we want, we hope to avoid what we fear.  Hope is a fundamental powerhouse trigger that controls our decisions and actions.  It is unmatched in persuasive ability.  Learn what others hope for, and it’s fascinatingly easy to frame requests to activate this essential trigger.

The course presents the elements of each trigger, shows how to activate each trigger, and how to apply individual triggers and trigger combinations to the sales process.  We provide a process for determining which triggers will be most easily activated in each persuasion encounter.{/slide}

To successfully persuade others we need specific persuasion goals. In this unit, participants will:

  • Learn the single critical element that determines success or failure.
  • Be able to apply the Four-Step Goal-Setting Process to measurable persuasion goals.
  • Learn how action-oriented goals can make achieving YES! easier.
  • Learn to avoid the “someday syndrome” for achieving goals.
  • Rewrite their CPO using the four-step goal process.{/slide}

Persuasion result is totally dependent on the quality of communication.  The best skills are worthless without the ability to properly communicate your requests. In this unit, participants will learn:

  • The definition of true communication—it’s not what most think!
  • How and when to identify values and decision-making criteria.
  • How to formulate questions to uncover needs, wants, goals hopes and fears.
  • How the right questions guide the persuasion process.
  • How to actively listen rather than waiting to speak.
  • How to understand others—and be understood!
  • To apply communication & questioning skills to their CPO.{/slide}

New persuasion skills breathe vibrant life into stale, old style logic and reason oriented presentations.  Even the needs/benefit approach is now expanded exponentially.  In this unit, reps will gain the ability to:

  • Frame, organize & prepare sales presentations leading to successful persuasion results.
  • Make the best opening statement.
  • Determine which trigger information will make the most impact.
  • Frame the presentation using carefully selected triggers.
  • Deliver persuasive, well organized interactive presentations that lead to desired decisions and actions.
  • Apply relevant triggers information to their CPO presentation.{/slide}


  • Skilled persuaders easily turn resistance into golden opportunities. In this unit reps will:
  • Learn how to recognize and disarm resistance.
  • Know how to properly react to resistance.
  • Learn how to respond to objections with the Four-Step Process.
  • List several objections they might get to their CPO request.{/slide}

Armed with solid persuasion skills, closure comes naturally!  In this unit, sales reps will learn to get that final YES! by discovering:

  • How to determine the right time to close.
  • How to use key persuasion triggers to get commitment – that final YES.
  • How to apply different closing methods.
  • How to close every single encounter!
  • How to achieve successful closure for their CPO.{/slide}


The 7 Triggers to Yes: Smarter Selling Edition is available as self-paced e-learning, offering users a convenient way to absorb critical skills and methods without sacrificing days away from work.

Designed especially for salespeople, this special edition of the 7 Triggers program combines personal productivity skills like goal setting and planning with proven-effective consultative selling techniques like needs profiling.

When added to the rocket fuel that is the 7 Triggers, salespeople attain the ability to take over the market with unprecedented confidence and unparalleled results.

A full two years in development by instructional designers, industry leaders, and salespeople with ambitions to succeed, the material has been crafted into an effective e-learning program that can be completed quickly and easily. And with the addition of the YesMaker account action plan, applying the skills and techniques to everyday account activities becomes second-nature. This exciting new system will increase profitable results for all sales personnel.

Online delivery: Easy and fast from anywhere.

Purchase of the 7 Triggers Smarter Selling Edition gives users full access to the Personal Achievement Center: a combination library, laboratory, workshop and tool shed that will put salespeople on the road to success with vendors, colleagues and customers. All of the features available at, from e-learning courses and tools to user communities and resources, are available 24/7 from home, from work, from school; on the desktop, laptop, or browser-enabled mobile device.

The 7 Triggers online courses and tools are full of unique opportunities:

  • Free, automatic updates of program content and features.
  • Post questions and comments to 7 Triggers program designers.
  • Forum area for communicating with other program participants.
  • First-user access to new materials and tools.
  • No installations, no downloads; no fuss, no muss.
  • Access from anywhere, anytime, for one full year.


The workshop course has three primary elements to ensure optimal learning and on-the-job application.

Sales reps individually select their own account or prospect (their “current persuasion opportunity”), including a specific individual, for the ultimate customization of real-world skill application. Application of skills to a real-world opportunity accelerates understanding and improves skill retention.

Reps experience a coordinated blend of highly interactive class discussions, focus group and workbook activities, and role-plays. PowerPoint slides and video clips add essential material.

YesMaker Action Plan
During the 7 Triggers course, reps apply learned skills to their own, real-world sales situation using specific, formatted tools.  When they return to work, they have a plan to hit the ground running!

The brand new, scientifically documented persuasion information in The 7 Triggers to Yes will help sales reps meet their most ambitious sales goals.

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