“It’s perfectly natural for reps with increasingly limited access to focus exclusively on product features and clinical data. And exactly the wrong thing to do if the goal is a yes decision.”

Mike MacLeod
Renowned Pharmaceutical Sales & Marketing Consultant & Trainer

No one ever captured commitment with logic.

And now neuroscience knows why.

Live brain scanning technology gave scientists an unprecedented look into the location of neurological activity during all manner of mental processes. The degree to which decision making – from the most personal to the most cold-and-calculated – appeared to reside in emotional part of the brain surprised even those who understood the remarkable power of these primal brain structures.

For business, the implications for team-building, marketing communications, and sales were evident: Ignore the topics and tactics that engage the emotional brain and lose your chance for commitment.

The 7 Triggers are the topics and tactics proven to engage the emotional brain.

Persuasion isn’t about facts but about meaning and belief. Even for medical professionals. 7 Triggers is the simplest and most effective way to make sure your communication connects where it counts.

Pharma Folks Weigh In

Sample comments from 7 Triggers program participants interviewed 4-6 months after training.

“It’s so simple that it’s brilliant. It gets the conversation going because I’m getting that emotional currency that I know is important, and it’s not just some standard sales process question.”

“I’ve been pretty successful, and people often ask me, ‘why is that?’ And I couldn’t really say. But after The 7 Triggers workshop, I could give a better explanation: Because I’ve used these Triggers consistently throughout my career.”

“The Triggers approach makes customers feel more relaxed and conversational. You get the material you want or the information you need without being pushy, or walking away feeling like you didn’t accomplish anything.”

“Triggers is really a great tool to sell and accomplish your objectives out in the field. From an organizational standpoint, it’s a big success.”

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