The Game-Changing Formula for Marketing and Sales

One Common Denominator
in the Quest for Yes.

The greatest leaders… The strongest marketing… The best salespeople…
ALL have ONE CRITICAL FACTOR at the center of their success:


The Ability to Persuade



Marketing plans tell you about channels for customer access, and sales training tells you about the process of customer engagement.

Where is the formula that tells you WHAT to emphasize and HOW to communicate to actually influence customer decisions?

You just found it.

Proven principles of what actually constitutes persuasive messaging is relatively new. Only since the advent of live brain imaging has neuroscience been able to tell us what really matters when it comes to human decision-making.

The 7 Triggers to Yes spells it out.

It’s a formula straight from science, and it works. It works for building persuasive communications at Fortune 500 companies like Bayer, Amgen, Lucent, and Morgan Stanley. It works to to drive real results in competitive markets.

It can work for you.


Imagine what more yes could mean for your business.


Stop the trial-and-error. Learn what really works to

    Capture attention and motivate engagement

     Sell ideas, products, or services

     Develop and negotiate favorable agreements

     Gain support or cooperation from anyone

Use The 7 Triggers formula to

 Connect faster and more deeply with colleagues, clients and customers;
 Activate your customers’ emotional brain to avoid laborious logical analysis;
 Choose the messages most likely to result in YES decisions;
 Plan and analyze persuasion strategies that actually work;
 Win with a practical formula to get more YES in your life.


Custom, Targeted Training Based on the Book That Changed Everything.



Using the formula developed in Russ Granger’s critically-acclaimed book, certified 7 Triggers training focuses on tactical application by using actual brand messaging and real-world customer challenges.*

* Because the workshop edition of The 7 Triggers to Yes does not cover a majority of the foundational material found in the book, training facilitation may include advance distribution of an Executive Summary eBook to all workshop participants as pre-work.

It’s About Results.

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Close the Loop.

Focus on customer decisions and get the other half of the selling equation. Sales training is the what. 7 Triggers training is the how.

flat sales process





Sales training is about process.










7 Triggers training is about people.






Sell the HEART and the MIND will follow.

We know from neuroscience that customer reactions, perceptions, and decisions about offers, promotions, and presentations are driven by emotions which become rationalized with logic and data after-the-fact. Business professionals who know how to leverage this knowledge in their messaging and communications are:


  • More Persuasive

  • More Polished

  • More Preferred

  • More Productive

  • More Profitable


Actual comments from interviews 4-6 months following 7 Triggers implementation.

rep-comment-icon“It’s so simple that it’s brilliant. It gets the conversation going because I’m getting that emotional currency that I know is important, and it’s not just some standard sales process question.”

rep-comment-icon“The Triggers approach makes customers feel more relaxed and conversational. You get the material you want or the information you need without being pushy, or walking away feeling like you didn’t accomplish anything.”

rep-comment-icon“I’ve been pretty successful, and people often ask me, ‘why is that?’ And I couldn’t really say. But after The 7 Triggers workshop, I could give a better explanation: Because I’ve used these Triggers consistently throughout my career.”

rep-comment-icon“Triggers is really a great tool to sell and accomplish your objectives out in the field. From an organizational standpoint, it’s a big success.”


The brain has an internal self-guidance system triggered primarily by feelings and emotions – not by facts or logic.

Understand how triggers work and how to activate them in others, and be a genuine influencer. A catalyst. A game changer.



Trigger Your Way to the Top.

Individuals and organizations from across the industry spectrum are seeing tremendous results using 7 Triggers insights and tools.

You can, too.





Let’s get started!





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