The YesMaker Action Plan

Fresh insights and techniques can fuel substantial business growth. But all too often, great new skills get dropped or diminished in the clamorous demands of day-to-day business.  It’s hard to apply the right approach consistently.

That’s why The 7 Triggers to Yes e-learning program includes The YesMaker Action Plan for Advanced Client Intelligence.

In many ways the centerpiece of the 7 Triggers system, the YesMaker is the tool that ensures proper and consistent application of the unique methods that produce better and faster business development.

The YesMaker Action Plan is currently available to e-learning program subscribers and to members of web site in two formats:

1. The PDF version enables users to easily fill out, save, and print for use in calls and meetings.

2. The MS Word Template version is for owners of Microsoft Office applications, and offers the additional flexibility of revising the form itself for optional custom use.

Additional Formats
The developers of The 7Triggers to Yes programs are hard at work on a fully interactive, database-driven, workstation and mobile app version of the YesMaker. Stay tuned for the exciting details!

What Does it Do?
The YesMaker not only encourages course graduates to employ the techniques and principles of the 7 Triggers, it is a vital tool for gathering, organizing, and using advanced client intelligence. Many businesspeople – salespeople in particular – are familiar with the critical functions associated with CRM type data capture and organization. The YesMaker offers similar functions, but in categories unique to the 7 Triggers methodology.

Download the YesMaker Action Plan
E-learning course subscribers can download the YesMaker Action Plan directly from their user account page at the Personal Achievement Center.

Registered members of this web site will need to be logged in to access the download located below (if you do not see the download buttons below, it means you are not logged in or not a registered member).
7 Triggers Persuasion Program Action Plan7 Triggers Persuasion Program Action Plan