If it’s possible to bring people together in a collective learning environment, the live interaction opportunities can augment and amplify skill building. The workshop version of the 7 Triggers program has three primary elements to ensure optimal learning and on-the-job application:

Program participants individually select their own account or prospect (their “current persuasion opportunity”), including a specific person, for the ultimate customization of real-world skill application. Application of skills to a real-world opportunity accelerates understanding and improves skill retention.

Reps experience a coordinated blend of highly interactive class discussions, focus group and workbook activities, and role-plays. PowerPoint slides and video clips add essential material.

The YesMaker Action Plan
During the 7 Triggers course, reps apply learned skills to their own, real-world sales situation using specific, formatted tools.  When they return to work, they have a plan to hit the ground running!

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