Courses & Tools

The most powerful new approach to business development is now a comprehensive system of techniques and tools to get busy professionals quickly up-to-speed on how to boost business and power profits with persuasion. E-learning and workshop formats convey a step-by-step process, and include the YesMaker Action Plan for Advanced Client Intelligence.

→   Deep immersion    →   Rapid uptake    →   Build skills around your accounts

7 Triggers courses build on the concepts explored in Russ Granger’s critically-acclaimed book with a practical, powerful, step-by-step system for masterful business development. Designed for anyone who wants to rapidly and dramatically improve their ability to persuade, negotiate, sell, and form durable, win-win agreements with others:

✓ Business owners   ✓ Executives   ✓ Managers   ✓ Salespeople   ✓ Entrepreneurs   ✓ Consultants   ✓ Everyone!

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Get immediate access to the skills, techniques, and tools that will put you on the road to success with vendors, colleagues and customers. The 7 Triggers online learning archive is yours to use whenever and wherever you like: from home, from work, from school; on your desktop, laptop, or browser-enabled mobile device. 7 Triggers online learning is fast, easy, and full of unique opportunities not available with local file-based formats like CDs and downloads:

  • Free, automatic updates of program content and features.
  • Post questions and comments to 7 Triggers program designers.
  • Forum area  for communicating with other program participants.
  • First-user access to new materials and tools.
  • No installations, no downloads; no fuss, no muss.
  • Access from anywhere, anytime, for one full year.


If it’s possible to bring people together in a collective learning environment, the live interaction opportunities can augment and amplify skill building. The workshop version of the 7 Triggers programs has three primary elements to ensure optimal learning and on-the-job application:

  • Pre-work
    Program participants individually select their own account or prospect (their “current persuasion opportunity”), including a specific person, for the ultimate customization of real-world skill application. Application of skills to a real-world opportunity accelerates understanding and improves skill retention.
  • Workshop
    Reps experience a coordinated blend of highly interactive class discussions, focus group and workbook activities, and role-plays. PowerPoint slides and video clips add essential material.
  • The YesMaker Action Plan
    During the 7 Triggers course, reps apply learned skills to their own, real-world sales situation using specific, formatted tools.  When they return to work, they have a plan to hit the ground running!

The YesMaker

The 7 Triggers Action Plan for Advanced Client Intelligence

Every 7 Triggers  program includes this vital research and planning tool, which offers a substantial competitive edge for persuading, selling, and negotiating with others.

The YesMaker enables business professionals to use the scientific principles associated with The 7 Triggers persuasion program by prompting the capture, organization, and deployment of unique client insights. The information used by the YesMaker goes far beyond any of the data categories typically captured by CRM systems, and gives users an easy, fast, fool-proof way to apply 7 Triggers concepts and techniques.