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Asian Persuasion

China has the fastest growing economy on the planet – they certainly don’t need persuasion skills to grow and prosper– or do they? Our McGraw-Hill book, The 7 Triggers to Yes Chinese language version has just hit the streets in Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Taiwan and throughout Chinese speaking Asia. The Chinese want it, love… Read more »


7 Triggers on and IBD

In the Managing for Success column of and its print edition, Investors Business Daily, Morey Stettner profiles The 7 Triggers to Yes, helping to explode the myth that logic wins business, and that emotions have no place in decision-making. Stettner summarizes three emotional triggers we all employ – Authority, Hope and Reciprocity. The original… Read more »


Russ Granger Featured on BlogTalkRadio

Listen to internet radio with Small Business Radio on Blog Talk Radio Russ got terrific feedback on his interview with Small Business Trends Radio, a half hour-long program featuring interviews and open discussions with today’s small business experts on a variety of topics. Click the play button in the player above to listen! Guests on… Read more »