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Press Contact: Eric Trenkamp

The New Science Behind Influencing People’s Decisions
by Russell H. Granger

How do you easily, quickly get people to do what you want? Success, in business, in life requires getting YES decisions and actions from others. And we’ve been going about that wrong for 2500 years. One new blockbuster scientific discovery will help you get the decisions and actions you want.

Everybody knows the best way to persuade people is to use good logic and reason right? Wrong! The exciting discovery distilled from cutting edge live brain imaging is spellbinding, yet deceptively simple. The documented summary from this new science is fascinating:

“We are not thinking machines, we are feeling machines that think.”

We can effectively influence other’s decisions only when we understand how the brain makes those decisions. For the first time, we understand. By seeing live, in real time, the brain’s oxygen, blood and neuron flows, science now documents that specific brain elements respond easier, more quickly to emotional input than to facts, logic and cognitive thinking. Instead of using facts and logic, you should be tapping into the brain’s emotional triggers to persuade easy, quick decisions.

Using the new technology, Granger gives the reader a fascinating, readily understandable and workable process to facilitate the decisions and actions we seek. For the first time Granger brings this cutting edge knowledge to the public in THE 7 TRIGGERS TO YES (McGraw-Hill/ Jan. 2008/ ISBN: 9780071544375/ $24.95)

“Using the latest technological data, Granger gives the complex art of persuasion the ease of paint-by-numbers clarity and a process for success.”

Leslie Schweitzer Miller, M.D.
New York University School of Medicine
New York University Psychoanalytic Institute

“The seven triggers will help people get things done more quickly, more easily, and with better results.”

Michael J. Iandolo
President and General Manager
Lucent Technologies Mobility Solutions

Our brains have developed a very efficient internal decision navigation system triggered by emotional, not cognitive input. In this book, we learn how to easily, effectively activate others’ triggers for YES decisions and actions.

Granger leads the reader through detailed explanations of what the 7 key triggers are, how they work, when to apply them and their best use in any business or personal situation. THE 7 TRIGGERS TO YES is essential reading for any business person – leaders, managers, sales reps – everyone whose job is to get the other person to say “Yes.”

THE 7 TRIGGERS TO YES by Russell H. Granger
Pub Date: Jan 2008 ISBN: 9780071544375 McGraw-Hill /$24.95