What Do Training and Education Professionals Say About The 7 Triggers to Yes?

“I want you to know how much I am enjoying The 7 Triggers to Yes. This is an excellent, realistic approach to persuasion, to getting Yes. I will put this on the required reading list for my MBA Leaders class at the University of South Florida. The book and the training program will be highly recommended to my corporate clients as well. The triggers are easy to understand and apply, and your trigger lists at the end of each chapter are invaluable.”

Richard Gerson, Ph.D, CPT, CMC
Professor, Management and Organization, University of Southern Florida
President, Gerson Goodman, Inc.

“The 7 Triggers will be very useful in my work as a training manager. This is very ‘real world’. It humanizes the relationship building process and applies principles that can be used in professional as well as personal situations. This will enable us to accomplish more with less effort.”

Irene Sewer
Training and Research Manager
Grange Insurance

“We had a saying while I was Publisher of TRAINING Magazine: “Sell the heart and the mind will follow!” And guess what, it worked! But we didn’t really know why. Now Russ Granger has pulled the veils back to explain this persuasion skill in “The 7 Triggers to YES”. He explains, with complete clarity and based on extensive research, how the brain responds to decision making stimuli, and the secret here is to keep it simple: How to get close to your prospect/customer and appeal to his or her basic needs and instincts. What a great formula! It will lead to years of sales success.”

Jerry C. Noack
Retired Publisher

“The 7 Triggers to Yes is truly a cutting edge approach to getting Yes decisions. We are getting rave reviews for The 7 Triggers program in our Corporate University.”

Sharon Denzler, Corporate Training Manager
All Risks Insurance Group

“Thanks for your presentation to our group of certified GO System trainers! They say people pay attention when what they are hearing is interesting and relevant to their situation. During your 7 Triggers presentation, you quickly zeroed in on issues that were extremely interesting and very relevant to our group. I believe our trainers all clearly understand how the knowledge you shared with them will lead to successful business development results. I appreciate the time and energy you put into your presentation to our group.”

Chris Crouch, President DME Training and Consulting
Developer of the GO System training course

Critical Acclaim for the McGraw-Hill Published Book:
The 7 Triggers to YES

“A fascinating window into how we really influence other’s decisions and behaviors. Armed with this new scientific knowledge anyone can become a more effective leader and manager by efficiently producing results through others.”

Donald F. Donahue
National Securities Clearing Corporation
The Depository Trust Corporation

“As one of many professionals whose work depends on the basic psychological principles outlined by Freud, I see daily proof that personal reactions, decisions, and perceptions are driven by emotions, which become rationalized after the fact. Brain imaging now offers concrete evidence. Using the latest technological data, Granger gives the complex art of persuasion the ease of paint-by-numbers clarity and a process for success.”

Leslie Schweitzer Miller, M.D.
New York University School of Medicine
New York University Psychoanalytic Institute

“By applying the principles and system Granger provides, businesses and organizations can run more effectively and more efficiently. With willing compliance, the seven triggers will help people get things done more quickly, more easily and with better results.”

Michael J. Iandolo
President and General Manager
Lucent Technologies Mobility Solutions

“Recent advances in brain imaging research provide a much clearer picture of what actually motivates an individual’s actions. Granger has transformed this research into a readily understandable and workable program that enables the reader to apply that information to his or her chosen career and produce desired results when interacting with others. Regardless of your organizational role or position, when you need to persuade, The 7 Triggers to YES shows you how in a new and highly effective way.”

Robert H. Miller
Former President and CEO
Charles of the Ritz Group, Ltd.

“The lessons learned here should be a great help to any budding diplomat or politician.”

Nicholas Rey
United States Ambassador to Poland, 1993–1997

“Bravo! I couldn’t put it down. As a technically trained MBA, I made business presentations for years using logic, reason and a wealth of data. I now see there is a more effective and much more efficient way to persuade and influence others. I’m giving a copy to my architect son, who like all of us, needs to persuade successfully.”

Josiah Stevenson
Former Director of Development
Dartmouth College

The following are comments from those benefiting from The 7 Triggers to YES sales training program.

“This has very practical, real world application to my field sales force.  The benefit will be to re-focus our selling skills to what is important.”

Brad Jones
Regional Manager
Bayer Pharmaceutical Company

“Aimed at increasing a producer’s close ratio. Excellent – insightful. This provides me with better tools. I liked being able to apply multiple techniques towards creating more sales. Implementing these skills will help the close ratio!”

Robert Saucier
HMS Associates

“Very good program – good ideas, a fresh look at persuasion, this will help me make more effective presentations.”

Stan Sherman
PSA Financial Center

“I liked the information on the brain and found it very interesting that I can control whether the short, or long analytical route is used – time well spent. I’d like to know more on the brain function/reactions. This will not only help with clients, but also with family and children.”

Barbara Burdette
Coffee & Co.

“Very thorough. Much new, detailed information I can direct to specific accounts and prospects I am working with. This is extremely real world and has a direct correlation to existing accounts. Gives me immediate procedures to use.”

Buddy Custer
Chesapeake Insurance Group

“Excellent, great insight on sales – liked the array of tools, the different techniques – time well spent! The Triggers will give me better closing ratios and more success.”

Corey Redman
HMS Associates

The 7 Triggers to Yes provides me with techniques to expand my paradigm of the selling process. It’s insightful re the decision process, and will increase the probability of getting to Yes!”

Rob Gifford
Summit Insurance Group

“Excellent program! Provides a better process for getting deals. It’s very real world, and the back up information on why this works is excellent. The benefits are more clients, better use of time, and dollars!”

Michael Smith
Diversified Insurance Industries

“This was great! I liked the real life examples, loved it all, recommend that other agents take this course. The 7 Triggers to Yes is better than other courses I have taken.”

Jordan Russell,
Warfield Dorsey Insurance

“Time well spent – excellent scientific approach to emotional selling. Informative, enthusiastic, very real world – will help my sales.”

Austin Widdowson,
Warfield Dorsey Insurance

“Being a finance professional rooted in logic and analysis, it was interesting to see how everything hinges on emotions. Very good program providing education on how to approach selling opportunities. More persuasion equals more sales!”

Matt Cornell
All Risk Insurance

“Great presentation – excellent program on how the brain works – extremely real world – provides better closing tactics.”

Matt Macievic
Brown & Brown Insurance

“Informative – the “current persuasion opportunity” is a good idea – good preparation and organization for a perfect real world good outcome.”

E. Kastandike
All Risk Insurance

“I learned new ways to be effective in selling – the triggers. This provided a new outlook and new strategies. Very good program.”

Mike Hines
Consolidated Insurance Center

“Excellent “Hands On” program. Provides a new way to get to “Yes!” It will help me accomplish long relationships and closure.”

Michael Colonnello
Atlantic Risk Management Corp.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar on The 7 Triggers to YES! This is an outstanding development in “persuasional sales.”  I am anxious to read the book and believe it will help to further enhance what was learned and act as an excellent daily reference in helping me achieve greater heights.”

Dave Brown
Bayer Pharmaceutical Company

“Certainly a big change from the sales training we’ve had in the past.  Liked the new information and the new approach.”

Matt Dougherty
Grange Insurance

“This is a different mindset for the sales process, with a framework for execution.”

Allison Tamasaukas
Selective Insurance

“Great approach to sales and building relationships. Liked the examples of how to accomplish each trigger – a fresh insight to sales.  Very real world.  Simply put, this is how we make decisions.”

Jessica Vaughn
Bayer Pharmaceutical Company

“The 7 Triggers will be very useful in my work as a training manager. This program has great potential.  It will enable people to accomplish more with less effort.”

Irene Sewer
Training and Research Manager
Grange Insurance

“Good program, changed my way of thinking. Have new tools to help me plan my sales calls. Using the 7 triggers will get me to yes.”

Jean-Paul Havo
Bayer Pharmaceutical Company

“Good information, easy to follow format.  Very much a part of my every day routine.  I will know how to approach different individuals and which triggers will work on each.”

Chris Mono
Grange Insurance

“If The 7 Triggers to YES is applied correctly, the world may open up to you.”

Leo Weg
Selk Insurance

“Provides new insights to presentations, how best to make them, how to conclude them.  Ideas from this program can be used in all aspects of life.”

Alice Kidd
Selective Insurance

“Excellent for a marketing/sales group as it is easy to work into our everyday job function.  The workbook is complete and a good future reference.”

Dan Etilgorge
Grange Insurance

The 7 Triggers to YES can be used to sell more insurance policies, get a promotion, make more money and in every aspect of life.  Helps in the selling process, and in moving ahead in business.”

Jennifer Thuma
Knight Insurance Agency

“Good content – something different from other sales training.  I liked the new perspective on emotions ruling over logic.  Helps the process to persuade people.”

Ron Barber
Grange Insurance

“A very valuable new concept in selling!  The 7 Triggers to YES will have an immediate impact on my sales success.”

Greg Rummel
Rummel Insurance Agency

“Very applicable excellent new approach to key success objectives. The on the job application will be a direct improvement in sales and a new opportunity in a challenging marketplace.”

John Montgomery
Bayer Pharmaceutical Company

“This program uses real world examples and new ideas/concepts in the selling process.  Very enlightening.  Now I can increase my sales through better persuasion.”

Michael Withowski
Cierra Cooney Perry Agency

“Very practical, useful.  I can apply this today to everyday business to produce better results.”

Val Owens
Grange Insurance

“Triggers info on mental processing will accomplish better leadership, better achievement of personal and professional goals.”

Catherine Smith
Grange Insurance

“Generated effective ways to use the 7 Triggers, ideas for me, and to share with my staff.”

Jacqueline Vergne
Selective Insurance

And Acclaim for Our Insurance Sales and Marketing Training Programs

“As an agent for 17 years, a commissioner of insurance, now as an employee of an insurance company, I have yet to see anything that is remotely equal to your programs.”

H. Peter Hudson, Monroe Guaranty

“In other courses there is a difficulty in transferring skills to job application. In this workshop we’re required to do that frequently, therefore the connection to the real world is enhanced.”

Ken Fields, Vice President
Training and Development
State Auto Insurance Group

“Very well organized and tailored to the needs of property and casualty marketing representatives. Helped me plan goals and then systematically set out to achieve them.”

J. Merritt, West Bend Mutual

“Outstanding.  Compared to Achieve Global’s PSS this is a better total package to deliver to the sales reps. Very real.  The concepts are not idealistic.  The practicality is very evident.  This needs to be given to all reps.”

Scott Luster
Liberty Mutual Insurance

Our partnerships with Fortune 500 companies have produced extraordinary results:

“It’s apparent that there’s a lot of synergy between the University of Sales Excellence team and yours – it’s working! Your concept of combining Core Skills with sales skills makes a lot of sense. I’m glad we found a company to put them together for us in one training package.”

Morley Winograd,President
AT&T University of Sales Excellence

“We have been doing business with ProEd for the better part of ten years, and our relationship has been extremely fruitful. Their ability to produce top-quality, successful training programs is well known to Prudential, and our joint ventures in this area have yielded outstanding results.”

Richard Goff, VP, Marketing Services
Prudential Insurance Company

“The people at ProEd have a strong sense of commitment as well as the skill and the talent to consistently meet goals. As our key training resource, ProEd helped us reach our sales, marketing, and productivity goals. Their work is superb.”

Robert Miller
Former President and CEO
Charles of the Ritz Group, Ltd.

“I was amazed at how devoted the ProEd staff was for this project – it wasn’t just another job. The frosting on the cake was when the division managers came back and said ‘This is a great program.’ This will pay rewards in more ways than sales.”

James Colbert, Senior Vice President
Liberty Mutual Insurance

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