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What Does it Mean to be Persuasive and What Does it Have to do with the Brain?

Persuasion and the BrainPersuasion is the method by which we create agreements and facilitate cooperation with others. It is the glue that forms and holds relationships together. Sometimes, when mutual benefit is obvious, persuasion can seem invisible or even absent. But it's there. We are persuading and being persuaded all the time. But how much do we really know about the process by which persuasion happens? And how much more effective and successful could we be if we knew how to manage the process of persuasion?

The advent of live, real-time brain imaging technology is providing real and verifiable insights into human behavior that, for centuries, has amounted to little more than speculation. Some of the new discoveries confirm long-held suspicions, and some are offering real surprises. One of those surprises is the degree to which emotions play a role in human decision-making - even decisions that seem to be about highly logical topics like business and money.

Dr. Richard Restak, author of the book and PBS series, “The Secret Life of the Brain,” put the lie to the Aristotelian principle that reason and logic are the best route to persuasion when he concluded that “We are not thinking machines; we are feeling machines that think.”


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